Friday, July 6, 2012

Le Metier de Beaute...My Summer Foundation!

Le Metier de Beaute Classic Flawless Face Foundation in #7 and #9.

I have discussed the many merits of Le Metier de Beaute's Classic Flawless Finish Foundation...when I discovered in during my trip to Palm Beach last month, I was so excited about it, that I swatched every shade HERE.  After reading my post, Kim Perry, at the helm of LMdB PR, kindly sent me the freshly released LMdB foundation guide, which offers greater insight into the foundation selection process for this line.  Read on for the details, as well as my swatches!

Meet your match.
Le Métier de Beauté’s GUIDE to Find “THE ONE”

Foundation is the building block for the rest of your makeup.  Get it right and your skin glows, the line between skin and foundation is, well, lineless.  Get it wrong and it doesn’t matter what follows, it’s all you can see – lines of demarcation, a skin tone that looks “off,” feeling not-so-flawless…

Mikey Castillo, Le Métier de Beauté Director of Color, has a color theory: your foundation shade should not match your skin – well, not exactly. In other words, foundation is not applied on a white background, so shades of foundation need to take our skin tone into consideration. We are not simply warm and cool; we have undertones and skin types that scream for complimentary coverage. The Le Métier de Beauté Classic Flawless Finish Foundation range works with skin with complementary tones for minimizing redness, maximizing warmth and allowing skin to breathe with buildable coverage. 

Mr. Castillo brings us through the range with a step-by-step guide to each shade and what skin tone, hue and undertone it was designed for.

Golden Skin Tones
These shades are recommended for fair to dark skin types that appear to have a golden undertone. This skin type tends to tan easily with minimal to no redness. This skin type is also referred to as "Warm."

-      Shade #1 is very fair, but warm in tone. For very pale skin that reveals no pink or redness.
-   Shade #4 is for light skin that appears gold or yellow in tone. Though fair, this is suitable for a light complexion that is able to tan without burning.
-      Shade #9 is the perfect year-round tan-color. Golden, but not burned.
-      Shade #11 is best for naturally dark skin with a warm, golden undertone.

Olive Skin Tones
Whether fair or dark, this skin tone is considered "Cool," and tends not to reveal any pink or red in the skin.

-      Shade #2 is for a light, porcelain complexion with a cool undertone.
-      Shade #6 is for a medium complexion (light tan) with no redness.
-      Shade #8 is best for a naturally tan complexion that does not burn or reveal redness in the skin.

Neutral Skin Tones
As the name implies, this range is neither warm nor cool, but rather, a balance of both. This range is the easiest to fall into if you cannot decide between gold or pink. This skin type contains both hues, "warm" and "cool,” and is generally known to reveal pink or red in the skin when exposed to sun.

-      Shade #3 is for a light to medium complexion, with a slight rosy hue.
-    Shade #5, a true “medium,” this hue is perfect for a wide variety of actual skin colors. Anyone with a light to medium, medium, or medium to dark complexion can wear this color. If you are fair, it will reveal a naturally looking tan, if you are a slightly darker medium, than it will brighten the complexion. It contains both cool and warm tones.
-    Shade #7 is a popular medium tan. Cool toned, with a warm glow. A perfect blend of gold and pink, with a light tan.  The hue appears peachy-apricot in tone, and again, a wide variety of skin colors can wear this shade.

Peachy-Rose Skin Tone
A peach and Rose complexion is generally comprised of amber, rose and deep orange hues. Shades 10 and 12 are most suitable for very tanned, or naturally deep complexioned skin types.

-   Shade #10 is idea for a medium-dark complexion. Example: Mediterranean skin that has been tanned exposing a slight redness in tone. It invokes the legendary tans of Saint Tropez and the Cote d' Azur.
-      Shade #12 is ideal for the darkest skin tones. This hue contains a slightly red to orange undertone.

About Classic Flawless Finish Foundation
The lightweight, oil-free, light-diffusing formula evens out skin tone and imperfections for a luminous, natural look.  Hydrating emollients and age-defying ingredients create a creamy formula that glides on effortlessly and blends in quickly for flawless coverage that lasts all day. Soft finish leaves skin looking natural and refreshed.

·   Weightless, luminous oil-free formula
·   Skin loving moisturizers and Vitamins A & E for a healthy, hydrated complexion
·   All-day medium coverage
·  Protects skin from harmful UVA/UVA rays with SPF 8 (Mr. Castillo recommends using a daily moisturizer with a minimum SPF value of 15)
·   Safe for most skin types including sensitive skin
Since I have been wearing the delightful combination of #7 and #9 for my summer skin, I am including a closeup of these two shades, as well as the outcome of their combination.

The foundation guide above states that #7 is a medium tan and I think it translates as a bit lighter than that...definitely suitable for NC 25-27 skin.

#9 is a golden tan that mixes well with lighter foundations to create greater depth.  I love that it doesn't have the obvious orange cast that can accompany "tan" toned foundations.

**All swatches in direct sunlight...I included the Illamasqua Skin Base in 6.5 (about NC 25) for reference.

**In direct sunlight...this is my perfect summer skin shade!

**In the shade

Le Metier de Beaute Classic Flawless Face Foundation in #7 and #9 (combined), Rouge Bunny Rouge bronzer in Netherway Cove (reviewed HERE), Makeup Forever Aqua Cream Shadow in Taupe and Ellis Faas Creamy Lips in
L 102.

Bottom Line: I am loving the way that the LMdB Classic Flawless Finish Foundation can be mixed to match my summer is long lasting, satin finish, safe for sensitive skin and wholly flattering!


  1. I really like the sound of this, I'm such a foundation junkie though so not sure I can justify buying it.. yet :)

  2. Thanks for your comment, is a truly wonderful foundation (and I am a quite a foundation junkie myself and have tried too many to count!). It is on the pricier side...I suggest seeing if you can get a sample, if at all possible, before making the investment. I bet you will discover that you love it, but if not, you won't be out anything.

    Take care and thanks for reading...I just checked out your blog and am your newest follower : )

    --The Beauty Professor

  3. Well, if you get the chance, Betzy, you might find you love it : )

    Warm regards,

    --The Beauty Professor

  4. This is a great foundation! I wear shade 3 and it is perfect, sheer, light, yet provides coverage. I wear Sunday Riley primer or RBR primer underneath and it looks great all day! -- Louisa

  5. Thanks for the comment, Louisa! I am glad to hear that you love your #3...I also have the Sunday Riley Primer and like it as a base. Other times, I use the Le Metier de Beaute Peau Vierge as a primer (because it has SPF and holds up well in warm summer weather) or the Koh Gen Do Yellow Makeup Base under my foundation.

    Have wonderful weekend!

    --The Beauty Professor

    1. You're turning me into a foundation junkie! I love LMdB PV and KGD Aqua foundation as well. We are lucky to have so many great options. Have a great weekend! - L

  6. My apologies, Louisa ; ) You are right...we have so many amazing foundation options these days...I love discovering new formulas. I am really enjoying the LMdB PV right now...between the retinol and the instant glow it gives, it is just an all around amazing "primer." What shade do you wear in it? I use the #2, which I think will be perfect, year round!

    Happy Sunday to you,

    --The Beauty Professor

    1. I wear PV shade 2 as well. Do you ever wear BB cream? I've been wearing 3Lab Perfect BB cream over moisturizer and primer. It is great for summer heat. I do water sports on the weekends and it is great! It has SPF 40 and does not run into the eyes or on the face. Expensive but our totally worth it. A little goes a long way. Good night! - L

  7. L,

    Isn't the PV just the best? Definitely an worthwhile investment. I wear BB cream once in a while but usually prefer sunscreen, primer and foundation (though it is more time consuming to apply) as a daily regimen.

    One BB cream I like is called Nanoce BB Cream in Healthy Ocre. I ordered it from Japan a year or two ago...I should do a review, or at least a swatch comparison on it soon! I have read and heard amazing things about the 3Lab BB cream...still need to try it : ) What color do you wear?

    Have a wonderful week!

    --The Beauty Professor

    1. 3Lab Perfect BB comes in three shades, and I wear shade 2. It is my first experience w BBs and it's great to have in my rotation of favorites. Yes, post a review of your product from Japan some time. Have a great week!

    2. Fantastic, L! I will definitely take a peek at the 3Lab when I am next at Nordstrom. I will do a Nanoce BB Cream post soon!

      Hope your day is going well : )

      --The Beauty Professor

  8. Hi Beauty Professor!

    What an excellent post! It was so helpful to read the information provided on selecting the right shade. How do you like the LMdB foundation compared to RBR's foundation? Right now I am using and loving KGD's Aqua Foundation, but am always interested in switching. Is there an advantage to using one over the other?

    LOVE my GA Eyes to Kill in #15. I have also seen swatches of the new Eyes to Kill shades on several of the blogs. I am thinking I like #26, but #24 and #25 look good as well. This formula is fast becoming my favorite.

    That Laura Mercier lip creme color in Rose Quartz from Sephora is lovely. Very similar to Tom Ford's Nude Vanille, but a touch peachier. I could see you liking this color. It does seem that this particular lip color has a lot of slip to it. It reminds me a little of the Rouge Voluptes.

    And, on a totally unrelated note....what did you think of last night? I think Sean was my favorite, so I was sad to see him go. I can easily see them having him as the next Bachelor, though I wish they would stop "recycling" people so much. A lot of my friends read Reality Steve, but I have been trying to stay away from watching it. From the previews, it looks like she may not pick anyone.

    Have a great week!


    1. Hello Kate!

      Thank you...I feel like I do a lot of foundation posts but I cannot help it because I just find foundation so fascinating : ) In terms of comparing the LMdB to the KGD Aqua, I think that the chief different is that the KGD Aqua is sheerer in texture/coverage. I actually brought the KGD with me to Florida and wore it for the first couple of days, but found that it wasn't matching the tan I was getting (even with sunscreen!). The LMdB was just a perfect answer to that situation. Because it is a bit thicker, I feel like it gives me a little bit more coverage/protection during the summer and since I got two medium-tan shades, I think it will easily match my skin for the next few months. I have come to realize that I will likely always have a rotation of foundations in my arsenal rather than "the one." In turn, there is room for the LMdB on my foundation shelf : ) I suggest getting a sample if you can!

      So glad to hear that you are loving the #15...the formula just cannot be beat! I just looked at Rose Quarts online and can feel it calling to looks like the perfect creamy pink/peach/nude and I hope that my Sephora still has it in stock. I also noticed that it is on the LM website, so perhaps it is not as limited edition as Sephora is making it out to be? Did you get it? I definitely hope to check it out in person ASAP.

      I thought of you after watching the Bachelorette last night : ) Sean was my favorite as classy and decent. I have no idea what she was thinking by letting him go in favor of the remaining two (one of whom seems too young, and the other, way too worldly for my taste!). I was, however, prepared for the outcome after reading Reality Steve (although it didn't make me any less disappointed). I don't know why I let this show get under my skin in light of how hyper-edited and unrealistic it is...there is just some element that is super compelling season after season!

      Off to edit some images for my next post...more Guerlain foundation and Rouge Bunny Rouge shadow swatches coming presently!

      Take care and have a wonderful week,

      --The Beauty Professor

  9. Great Post! I'm very curious about this foundation but lost on choosing the shade :(. Based on your info, I'm guessing shade 4. The most recent match for me is Burberry Trench Foundation No. 5 which has a light-medium yellow undertone. Any comments Prof? Thanks a lot! xo xo

  10. Thanks, JoanneP! Based on my experience with the foundation (and my comparison with Burberry Trench #5), I would guess that you would be shade #4 (which is a little closer to light rather than medium with yellow undertones) or perhaps shade #5 (which is a little closer to a light-medium with neutral undertones) if you find yourself a bit more tan right now.

    I suggest getting samples of #4 and #5 if you are able. If you are not near a Le Metier de Beaute counter, my Le Metier de Beaute contact, Delbert Faires, at the Neiman Marcus in Palm Beach FL. offered to send foundation samples out to any of my readers who are interested in the foundation...the store's main number is (561) 805-6150! Tell him the Beauty Professor sent you : )

    Let me know how it goes and do take care!

    --The Beauty Professor

  11. Just discovered your blog a few nights ago and keep coming back to it over and over again! It's great -- so well-written, full of great advice and thorough information. We share a few foundation favorites, including the Ellis Faas Skin Veil and the Armani Designer Firming Foundation. I'm always looking for a better loose powder to set with...they all seem to claim to be silky, weightless, etc. but I'm not loving any of my choices lately. Got a favorite loose powder?

    1. Hello Aimee,

      Thanks for your kind comment...I am so glad you found your way to my blog! I love writing about makeup ; ) Always a thrill to meet a fellow high end foundation lover...the Ellis Fass is definitely a unique formulation and in terms of Armani foundations, one cannot go wrong. Have you tried the new Maestro makeup yet? It is amazing!

      In terms of setting powder, I have been using NARS foundation powder in Santa Fe with my retractable Hourglass foundation is much to sheer for actual foundation but leaves a lovely airbrushed finish (and comes in a great compact to tote around). I don't usually use loose powder as frequently because I lecture all day and like to have something handy in my purse, but some loose powders I currently own and like include the Laura Mercier translucent mineral powder and the Youngblood High Definition finishing powder in Warm (much like the Makeup Forever HD powder, but not as white!).

      Looking forward to hearing your thoughts...take care and have a wonderful rest of the week,

      --The Beauty Professor

  12. Thank you so much for this! I just bought Peau Vierge and love now I really want this foundation to wear over it! Sadly there is no counter ANYWHERE near me, so I'm going to have to guess if I want it. My foundation matches are craziness...but hear me out lol! In Guerlain I can wear shade 02beige clair but I can also wear 31&32 Amber pale and Amber Clair. In Bobbi Brown, a mix of sand and warm sand is my match, and in Chanel My matches are Gentle Ivory (in Vitalumiere satin smoothing fluid) and 20-Clair in Lift Lumiere and perfection lumiere although sometimes in winter I have to switch to 10 beige, but it totally washes me out :( I find that both yellow toned and beige toned foundations work for me...the only "rose" toned foundations I have tried have accentuated my redness and made me look I'm assuming I'm neutral slightly leaning toward warm toned? Never been matched in MAC so I don't know my shade match there. I have also discovered that in Estée Lauder, the N shades take a greyish cast. Ok now that Ive probably totally confused you (I sure am! LOL). I have dark blonde hair and blue eyes. I burn then tan and have redness in my cheeks. Any recs for a shade of Le Metier de Beaute CFFF? Help? LOL!

  13. My pleasure, DocSmitty! I am so glad you love the Peau Vierge as much as I do. Thanks for your very helpful list of foundation matches...with regards to your question about the best match in the LMdB foundation, I am guessing that you could get away with #4 (slightly more golden toned and a hint lighter than #5) or #5 (which is a bit more neutral and a hint darker). I hope that helps!!

    Take care and do keep me posted...xoxo,

    --The Beauty Professor