Thursday, March 23, 2017

First Look: The By Terry Tropical Sunset Sun Designer Collection 2017...Available SOON!

By Terry #3 Tropical Sunset and #4 Savannah Love. 
I rarely do a preview post in advance of a full-bodied story (which is currently in the works), but I couldn't resist sharing a look at the ravishing *By Terry Tropical Sunset Collection, especially now that you can sign up for early access to order from Beautylish

At the center of the collection are two new Sun Designer Palettes: #3 Tropical Sunset and #4 Savannah Love.  My love for the original By Terry Sun Designer--especially #2 (reviewed HERE and HERE and HERE) runs deep.  It is the ONLY palette that I have completely used up this past year and, subsequently, reordered.  In turn, you can imagine my excitement at the thought of two more additions to this well loved family. 

Although I will be doing a more comprehensive review in less than a week, here is the quick rundown of both of the new palettes:
  • #3 Tropical Sunset is warm toned, with a spectrum of rich golden hues that range from vibrant papaya to muted tan. 
  • #4 Savannah Love is more neutral in nature, with deep fuchsia and true brown (!) offset by soft beiges and pinks. 
Both are indisputably wearable and both will complement a spectrum of skin tones...they are, in a word, exquisite. 

Swatches in outdoor sunlight. 
Swatches in outdoor sunlight. 
#3 Tropical Sunset and #4 Savannah Love. 

In addition to the breathtaking Sun Designer palettes, there are also eight Stylo Blackstar 3 in 1 Eyeshadow Sticks in the collection...creamy, buildable and extremely long lasting, I find these to have have the same superior performance as my beloved Ombre Blackstars, with a muted and sophisticated pearly cream finish, rather than a shimmery one. 

I have swatches of seven of the eight shades above and am already entirely smitten with the lusciously neutral #4 Copper Crush and effervescent, oh-so-springtime #8 Aqua Mint

The pointed stylo tip allows for precise application and the retractable bullet and integrated sharpener (more on this soon) ensures that you'll never need a traditional sharpener; additionally, the formula can be used as an eyeliner, eye contour and/or eye shadow for endless possibilities! 

Last look. 

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Bottom Line: I hope you found this preliminary peek and subsequent swatches helpful; I am completely taken by the beauty of this By Terry summertime collection and--if you feel as I do-- implore you to sign up for the Beautylish early access as I predict the palettes will sell out in a flash. 

Which Sunset Collection palette caught YOUR eye?  Do tell! 

Good things ahead, including more on the By Terry Tropical Sunset Collection and a host of new product procurements...I am also headed to the East Coast this weekend; do follow along on my Instagram if you are so inclined ; ) 


--The Beauty Professor

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Giorgio Armani Front Row Collection and a Glimpse at the Sunrise Palette

Rich with wearable warm nudes and lavish pinks, the *Giorgio Armani Front Row Collection (also available at Giorgio Armani Beauty) aptly captures the chic sophistication of the runways of Milan; today, I am excited to share swatches of eight of the lip color options from the collection as well as a glance at the soon-to-be-released *Giorgio Armani Sunlight Palette, which is a ravishingly beautiful summertime bronzer that you won't want to miss!

Kindly scroll on for more details, swatches and images of the launches in action as well as the Bottom Line...

Front Row Rouge Sheer Lipstick. 
The *Front Row Rouge Sheer Lipstick (also available at Armani Beauty) features six shades (four pictured below) of pigmented yet sheer lip color in wearable neutrals that brighten the face and resonate with a variety of undertones. 

Hydrating and buildable, the formula is exceptionally comfortable and wears flawlessly for hours.  

The four shades I tried are:
  • #205 Made in Milano: A creamy beige tan
  • #510 Milano Pink: A warm neutral pink
  • #511 Milano Nude: A rosy nude
  • #513 Spotlight: A vibrant coral nude
Although I adore all four, Made in Milano and Milano Pink are my two favorites of the quartet!

Swatches in direct sunlight. 
Official details, courtesy of Nordstrom:

Giorgio Armani premieres a cutting edge color formulation process: the Color Shine Moisture Polymer, a revolutionary component able to retain twice its volume of water, enhance color luminosity while locking in hydration on the lip's surface for over 8 hours. The result is a lipstick with a creamy texture, feather light and translucent, that is as hydrating as a balm in brilliant yet wearable colors.
Swatches in direct sunlight. 
Front Row Ecstasy Lacquer. 
The *Front Row Ecstasy Lacquer (also available at Armani Beauty) are a resplendent collection of  warm neutrals with an edge. The collective gloss, stain and liquid lip color nature of the Ecstasy Lacquer formula is simply get shiny, buildable, non-sticky color payoff that truly lasts and the cushiony texture ensures that lips feel moisturized and full over the duration of wear. I always have a few Ecstasy Lacquers within reach and these latest shade launches have expanded my menagerie! 

The four shades I tried are:
  • #205 Made in Milano: A creamy beige tan **my personal favorite in this particular collection
  • #510 Milano Pink: A bright warm pink
  • #512 Pink Runway: A cool baby neutral pink
  • #515 Spotlight: A rich neutral red

Swatches in direct sunlight. 
Swatches in direct sunlight. 
Official details, courtesy of Nordstrom:

    Giorgio Armani introduces Ecstasy Lacquer, a formula that features the shine of a lacquer with the color and comfort of a lipstick and the hold of a stain. The brand's innovative Armani Liquid Vinyl Technology features the highest concentration of water-soluble pigments, allowing for pure, vivid color impact with maximum long-wear results. Its formula is enriched with glycerin for comfortable application and long-lasting hydration.

    How to use: For a natural look, apply on the lower lip and gently rub lips together for a subtle touch of color. For a touch of shine, apply one layer over any Armani lipstick as a top coat to bring more shine and reflection. For a statement lip, apply several coats of lacquer to achieve a stain. Wait a few seconds then reapply at the center of your lower lip to create high lasting shine.

    The Armani Sunrise Palette. 
    Finally, the *Giorgio Armani Sunrise Palette, which calls to mind the undulating sands of the desert, is a bronzer and highlighter hybrid of epic proportions.  Slated an official release for Summer 2017 (and available any day now), this topographical wonder features four shades of varying depth and intensity that can be applied separately or swirled together for the ultimate glow. The extra-luminous golden overspray tempers once one dips into the pan and I would deem the majority of the formula as a muted satin finish, rather than a seriously shimmery one. 

    Finely milled and effortlessly blendable, this bronzing compact delivers a natural tan effect that is sure to flatter a spectrum of skin tones. I am deeply smitten with the true brown shade, which creates a believable olive hue, unprecedented in a sea of warm-leaning bronzers. 

    Once released, this limited-edition gem is sure to fly off of shelves...keep an eye out for its official launch and I will update links as the product becomes available. 

    The four shades in the palette are: 
    • Pale cream beige (excellent for a subtle highlight)
    • Warm medium bronze
    • Deep tan brown
    • Sultry apricot bronze

    Three shades for endlessly customizable result. 
    The topography is breathtaking, no?
    Swatches in direct sunlight. 
    Swatches in direct sunlight. 
    Swatches in direct sunlight. 
    The following images reflect all products in action...

    Specifically, I am wearing:

    Last look.
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    Bottom Line: I hope you enjoyed this overview of the stunning *Giorgio Armani Front Row Collection (also available at Giorgio Armani Beauty) as well as a sneak peek at the transcendentally beautiful Sunrise Palette...I will update with links as soon as it is available as this is a summertime bronzer you will not want to miss snapping up!

    **Update as of 10PM on 3/22/17...I am told that the Sunrise Palette will be available at Giorgio Armani Beauty on 5/7/17.  I suggest checking the site frequently to see if it makes an earlier appearance ; )

    Good things ahead, including a lip-centric story, a host of new product procurements, some skincare talk and an interview with Joan Juliet Buck...xx,

    --The Beauty Professor 

    **PR samples provided for review denoted by an asterisk (the rest purchased by me),  however, as always, all of my opinions are expressly and unequivocally my own.  © 2012-17 Beautyprofessor® All Rights Reserved. Do not copy, reprint or republish content and/or photos without author's written permission.

    Sunday, March 19, 2017

    10 Fresh Skincare, Haircare + Beauty Finds for Spring

    Today's post is dedicated to a round of fresh skincare, haircare and beauty finds that feel just right for springtime...from opulent shampoo and a new toning device to contour for the eyes and a concealer that works above and below skin's surface, this list of 10 is resplendently stellar. 

    Kindly scroll on for more details, swatches and images of the discoveries in action as well as some suggestions for the Equipment France Friends & Family Sale and the Bottom Line...

    Skincare + Haircare.
    // SKINCARE + HAIRCARE // Clean, bouncy and toned skin, bright teeth and glossy hair for the win.
    Bouncy hydration in a bottle.
    (1) *Tatcha The Essence (also available at Sephora and reviewed HERE): Just 7-seconds a day with this formula will create softer, brighter, more hydrated skin; fine lines are plumped and the visage is toned, masterfully enhancing its receptivity to the skincare to come. 

    Official details, courtesy of Tatcha:

    What it is:A daily 7-second ritual to reveal your softest, most youthful skin. This resurfacing softener of 98.7% pure anti-aging Japanese superfoods makes all skincare work better.
    Why it's different:
    • Anti-aging: Pure concentration of 98.7% Hadasei-3TM, a superfluid of Japan’s three essential nutrients of Green Tea, Rice and Algae for skin health and youthful radiance.
    • Smoothing & Resurfacing: The natural fermentation of these nutrients produces lactic acid, helping to increase cell turnover, improve skin texture and create a smooth luster. 
    • Plumping Hydration: Instantly doubles skin’s natural moisture content, above and beyond the results from a moisturizer, and softens & plumps away fine lines & wrinkles.
    • Maximizes Performance of All Skincare: Skin’s water channels are flush with lasting hydration, which creates a pathway to deliver treatments more deeply, amplifying their effectiveness.
    Who it's for: 
    Universal – all ages and skin types. Oil-Free. Non-comedogenic. Non-irritating. Non-sensitizing. Dermatologist tested.
    Ingredients: Saccharomyces/Camellia Sinensis Leaf/Cladosiphon Okamuranus/Rice Ferment Filtrate*, Propanediol, Soy Amino Acids, Yeast Extract, Aqua/water/eau, Ethylhexylglycerin, Sodium Dilauramidoglutamide Lysine, Phenoxyethanol
    Gloss Moderne hair pair. 
    (2) *Gloss Moderne High Gloss Shampoo and Conditioner (also available at Neiman Marcus and reviewed HERE and HERE): A longtime haircare favorite, this gorgeous formula works to cleanse and condition hair each time you wash--without stripping hair of natural oils and moisture--resulting in tresses that are bouncy and wildly glossy.  If you order from the Gloss Moderne site, use code: BEAUTYPROFESSOR20 for 20% off your order! 

    Bright teeth without sensitivity.
    (3) *Luster 2 Minute White (also available on Luster's site): Designed to rapidly whiten teeth without incurring sensitivity, this easy pairing includes a mouthwash (to prepare the teeth for the brightening treatment) and a pen that delivers a potent (yet gentle) dose of whitening power.  

    • Visibly whitens teeth 6 shades in only 3 days*
    • Features a simple 2-step, double-action whitening process
    • Developed by dentists
    • Causes zero tooth sensitivity
    • Enamel safe
    Bedroom Hair. 
    (4) *Kusco-Murphy Bedroom Hair (also available at Kusco-Murphy): This unique Australian import is now available in the US; with environmentally friendly ingredients and a glistening texture, this hair finishing formula creates a quintessentially "lived in" look that adds dimension and radiance to one's tresses. Try using a touch on your ends to create a piecy effect that doesn't inhibit movement.
    Cleanse and tone in seconds. 
    (5) *Clarisonic Smart Profile Uplift (also available at Sephora): I've had the opportunity to test this revolutionary gadget for the past couple of weeks and find it completely singular in terms of its performance and its results.  The classic brush gently cleanses skin and the firming massage head works to tighten and lift the gravity-prone neck area with every treatment. I can't wait to weigh back in after 12 weeks of regular usage. 

    Official details, courtesy of Clarisonic
    • Reduces the appearance of fine, dry lines after just 1 week.
    • Minimizes the look of pores.
    • Gently cleanses away makeup and sunscreen better than hands alone.
    • 27,000 micro-firming massages per use.
    • Pleasurable ‘spa-like’ massage experience.
    • Smooths the look of fine lines and wrinkles.
    • Boosts the absorption of your daily skincare products.
    • Skin feels firmer, face and neck appears lifted. Based on 12 weeks use.

    // BEAUTY // From a stunning eye trio to a delicate peachy pink lip, this quintet screams springtime.

    Chantecaille Mermaid Matte Eye Trio.
    (6) *Chantecaille Mermaid Matte Eye Trio (also available at Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdales): With a luxuriously smooth and blendable texture and rich pigmentation, these matte eyeshadows are like contour for the orbital area. They feel like velvet and resist creasing and migration, ensuring a flawlessly natural look for hours on end. I like to use Bee across my upper eye lids, blend a touch of Elephant at the crease and use Lion to enhance my brow bone...the fact that these shadows are softly luminous without the slightest hint of shimmer make them exceptional.  Couple that with the fact that 5% of the proceeds will be donated to African charities that help Lions, Bees and Elephant and these LE shadows are a springtime must-have. 

    Official details, courtesy of Chantecaille:

    Our innovative crease-proof, water resistant eye shadow is now available in a luxurious velvety, matte formula. Creating the perfect canvas with their smoothing, silky texture, the new matte shades offer expert contouring and layering ability for flawless, naturally defined eyes. Packaged in a set to create the ideal neutral eye and offer perfect bases for a multitude of looks. 5% of the proceeds are donated across the three African-based charities supporting the featured animals, highlighting the work of exceptional women in conservation.
    Lion - Soft, creamy vanilla
    Bee - Deep, neutral brown
    Elephant - Soft, smoky gray
    Swatches in direct sunlight. 
    The eye look in sunlight. 
    Base pairing. 
    (7) Chantecaille Just Skin Tinted Moisturizer in Glow (also reviewed HERE and available at Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdales): After hearing so many good things about this (not new but new to me) tinted moisturizer, I decided to pick up a tube and found the shade Glow to be an excellent match for my NC 25 skin. Boasting more coverage than one would expect from a product with a "tinted moisturizer" moniker, this formula instantly evens skin and imparts a soft-focus glow that stays in place for the entire day.  Apropos for casual days and evenings out alike, I am so glad I finally decided to give it a spin. 

    (8) *Sisley-Paris Phyto-Cernes Concealer #2 (also available at Neiman Marcus, Beautylish and Bloomingdales): Words cannot adequately express how impressed I am with this concealer. The apricot tone of #2 could appear prohibitive, however, it effortlessly cancels out the pernicious darkness associated with the under eye region. The maximum coverage formula performs beautifully without creasing and the potent ingredients work to brighten the orbital area with continued usage. It's simply brilliant and must be tried to be believed!

    Swatches in direct sunlight. 

    (9) *Burberry Light Glow Blush in Earthy (also available at Net-A-PorterSephora and Burberry): I recently rediscovered this gem after my travels to London last month and am reminded by how well it creates depth and dimension on the face while still looking entirely natural.  Pair it with a slightly warmer base (as I did in the images that follow) and it replaces bronzer and blush, truly earning its cult status. 

    (10) *Guerlain KissKiss Cream Lip Color in Lady Pink (also available at CosBar and Neiman Marcus): I picked up this glorious peachy pink lipstick on a whim and couldn't be happier with its creamy full coverage opacity and slightly pearlescent finish. This shade is's bright without overwhelming one's complexion and perfectly resonates with the warmer weather ahead. 

    Burberry Earthy.
    Swatches in outdoor sunlight.
    Guerlain Lady Pink.

    The following images reflect all products in action in afternoon blouse from Equipment:


    Finally, Equipment France is currently having a Friends & Family Sale, with 25% off all purchases (sale and regular price) with the code: EQFRIENDS

    I placed an order a few days ago and couldn't believe how many incredible pieces were in the sale section...some recommendations include:
    --Shop the Sale--

    Last look.
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    Bottom Line: I hope you enjoyed this latest round of springtime discoveries and would love to hear what may have caught your eye!

    Good things ahead, including a lipstick spotlight, a host of new product releases and an interview with Joan Juliet Buck.

    Have a beautiful week...xx,

    --The Beauty Professor

    **PR samples provided for review denoted by an asterisk (the rest purchased by me),  however, as always, all of my opinions are expressly and unequivocally my own.  © 2012-17 Beautyprofessor® All Rights Reserved. Do not copy, reprint or republish content and/or photos without author's written permission.

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