Sunday, January 12, 2014

Kate Beckinsale Glows at the Golden Globes with Jouer Cosmetics!

Above: Kate Beckinsale's Golden Globe + Jouer beauty moment.
As promised, another Golden Globe favorite...this time, the stunning Kate Beckinsale who is genuinely gorgeous in every red carpet appearance that I can remember.  I always look forward to her awards ceremony appearances because she consistently reflects a sophisticated yet playful 1960's vibe that embraces dewy skin, doe eyes and a pinky nude pout.  This evening is no exception...exclusively wearing Jouer Cosmetics, Kate absolutely glows.  This is the quintessential Jouer beauty moment!

Some Jouer products that I adore and have blogged about lately include the Jouer Matte and Luminous Moisture Tints, Eyeshadows in Maple + Chiffon and Meg Lipstick (all reviewed HERE), Age-Repairing Perfector Foundation (reviewed HERE), Moisturizing Lipgloss in Nude and Peony (reviewed HERE) and Ava Lipstick (reviewed HERE).

Read on for the complete Kate Beckinsale + Jouer Cosmetics beauty breakdown...

Above: Kate Beckinsale glowing in Jouer.
Kate Beckinsale - 2013 Golden Globe Awards

Celebrity Makeup Artist: Adam Breuchaud for Jouer Cosmetics

“When I first saw the silver and gunmetal metallic dress I immediately thought it needed a sexy, rock n' roll make up.  We decided on a smudged kohl eye, almost the day after look.  

I started by smudging Jouer Creme Eyeshadow in Suede all over the eye. I blended Jouer Powder Eyeshadow in Opal in the inner corner for a highlight, then layered Jouer Powder Eyeshadow in Chocolat over her lid.  Next, I applied Jouer Eye Definer in Noir along the top and bottom lash line.  Over that I blended Jouer Powder Eyeshadow in Licorice to really smoke out the look.

After cleaning under her eye I applied the Jouer Age-Repairing Concealer in No.3 Cameo where needed.  Then I applied the Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint in Bronzed as a foundation.  It is sheer enough to let the skin show through where you want  and build more coverage where you need.  

On Kate’s cheeks, I applied Jouer’s cream Tint in Whisper and Mineral Powder Bronzer in Sunshine - my favorite go to duo.  Together they define and brighten the cheek effortlessly.  

To finish off the look I used Jouer Lip Gloss in Cherish.” – Adam Breuchaud   

Bottom Line: I loved Kate's look tonight...from her flawless, luminous skin and smokey eyes to her voluminous hair and shiny nude lips, her "Jouer-ization" (yes, I concede, I just made that up) for the Golden Globes was tres magnifique!

Next up...six ways to to combat winter dryness ; ) 


--The Beauty Professor


  1. Unfortunately I was not able to watch the awards because of the time diffrence, it starts at 2 am.
    Next project is to stay awake for the Oscars...
    Greetings from Germany!

    1. Hello Susanne,

      Thank you for the sweet words from Germany! Yes, the time difference can be a crazy challenge ; )

      Have a lovely rest of the week...xo,

      --The Beauty Professor