Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Unlocking Your Softer Side with Suave

Above: Suave Skin Solutions Soothing Lotion with Aloe and Suave Skin Solutions Body Wash with Bamboo and Aloe Extracts.  

I recently had the chance to try two new products from Suave...both are a part of the "Unlock Your Softer Side Campaign" (link also provides giveaway details...valid through 8/9/12) with Wendy Williams and feature soothing scents and ingredients to help us mellow out when life gets stressful!

Above: I've been using this body wash to enhance smoothness when shaving!

Above: This lotion is is the perfect guilt-free bargain splurge...at $3.59, this will take me through the rest of summer, which is peak season for using copious amounts of lotion.

Above: When life gets to be a bit too much to handle, Jethro helps me to focus on my softer side ; ) 

Bottom Line: Unlock YOUR softer side at the Suave Facebook Page...I'd love to hear what helps YOU to mellow out when life gets stressful!

**PR sample provided for review, however, as always, all of my opinions are expressly and unequivocally my own.


  1. hi!!! i'm not really sure about scents that actually soothe me as i have a very sensitive nose and have assorted allergies and allergic reactions to most products. i do use devacurl products which are infused with peppermint( this definitely "opens" my stuffy nose) which i heard helps with relaxing. the only other beauty products that aid in relaxing me is when i find color collections that i simply love and then apply them. i think when i do my makeup i'm very relaxed. i'm most relaxed when i read beauty blogs. and, which 1 do you think i look at first especially after working a very stressful day? thanks to you, i feel alot more calm. i would think the other readers, on here, would agree!! xoxoxo wendy. p.s. i used to think that "boo" was indeed the world's cutest dog. i'm somewhat obsessed by him. but, i have to admit that jethro is a tie in that category. just looking at him really mellows me!!

    1. Hello Anon...thanks so much for sharing! Being even a mention as a de-stresser in your day is a huge honor for me...thank you!! Oh, and Jethro says "thank you" and sends his love as well!

      xoxo and talk soon,

      --The Beauty Professor