Monday, March 11, 2013

By Terry Sheer Rouge Swatches!

Above: Like a oasis in the desert, the By Terry Sheer Rouge lip color offers immense hydration with a gorgeous pop of color.  

Springtime often signals the release of bright and sheer lip color a plenty (like the Tom Ford Sheer Lip Color), I invite you to feast your eyes on the latest in this trend from By Terry:  Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge lip color.  Retailing for a fairly reasonable (for By Terry!) $35, these lipsticks boast intense moisture and a semi-sheer colorful sheen in a veritable rainbow of shades.

I have purchased two of these gems (in #1 and #3) and am happy to report that they indeed live up to the By Terry gold standard in lip color meets skincare!  I pledge to review these in their own post later on this week.

In the meanwhile, kindly scroll on for swatches and descriptions of all ten shades...

1. Nudissmo is a light hybrid of peach, pink and beige with subtle shimmer that makes it remarkably opaque.

2. Mango Tango is a warm light coral.

3. Baby Bloom is a light baby pink with nominal darkens a bit after wear and leaves behind a delightful pink stain.

4. Princess in Rose is a cool, bright medium pink with shimmer.

5. Dragon Pink is a darker, more opaque cool magenta pink with shimmer.

6. Party Girl is a true candy apple red.

7. Bang Bang is a warm red with orange undertones.

8. Hot Spot is a dark brick red.

9. Dare to Bare is a dark plummy nude.

10. Berry Bloom is a wine-tinged deep berry.

Above: Baby Bloom alone on the lips.

Bottom Line:  These lip colors are so marvelous, that they deserve a proper review!  I plan on posting one later on this week featuring the two shades I bought: Nudissimo and Baby Bloom.  So far, I am loving their texture, opacity, sheen and hydrating properties...consider this a tentative recommendation until further notice ; )


  1. Pretty colors! Just started reading your blog, and I love your writing style. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Many thanks, glad you like the swatches! Please consider this your official welcome to Beauty Professor...looking forward to keeping in touch!


      --The Beauty Professor

  2. All the colors are pretty. It feels fresh and springy! #3 is adorable, color n name.

    1. Aren't they though, Joanne?! I love how these shades evoke the lightness of spring and I think #3 would look amazing on you!

      Hope your week is off to a good start...xoxo,

      --The Beauty Professor

  3. Can't wait for spring and some of these for spring! Baby bloom looks great on you as all your perfect nudes do. Have a good rest of the week. Love the review on the organic hair products too!

    1. Hello Lynn!

      Yes...springtime makeup is always a thrill!! Thanks for your sweet words about Baby Bloom on me ; ) Hope your week has been going well...Friday is almost here!


      --The Beauty Professor