Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Rouge Bunny Rouge Web Boutique Is Here!

Above: a screenshot from the new Rouge Bunny Rouge Web Boutique.

I am pleased to herald that one of my favorite brands, Rouge Bunny Rouge, has recently launched their new WEB BOUTIQUE!  This line is one of my most prized cosmetics discoveries this year (though it has been on the top of many beauty bloggers' lists since its inception) and my endless love for the RBR Bronzing Powder in Netherway Cove, Milk Aquarelle Foundation in Almond Milk Parfait, Color Burst Lipstick in The Plot Thickens, Glassy Gloss in Fleur Parfait and Feline Gaze Eyeliner in Salome has been expressed countless times on this blog!

Read on for official details...

Rouge Bunny Rouge is thrilled to announce the opening of the web boutique. We look
forward to bestowing a warm welcome as you arrive through this elegant portal to the
Enchanted Garden. Discover an exquisitely animated emporium of luxurious make-up and
skin care where natural beauty is enhanced and celebrated.

In the playfully sophisticated style that’s synonymous with RBR, more than 40 product groups and
150 different colours are revealed in a clear manner with a touch of whimsy. Seekers of elegant,
unique shades and exceptional textures rejoice! Carefully compiled colour descriptions and
swatches, clear beauty advice and lists of ingredients, all laid out in a straightforward way, make it
easy to choose products perfect for you. Curious tales alive with the spirit of the Enchanted Garden
abound, every product is the protagonist in its own adventure. Beauty sweetmeats, new features
and titbits await in this otherworldly sphere shining with polished splendour. If you have only the
time for a fleeting browse, like the pages of a book you can’t stop turning, you might feel compelled
to stay a while longer.

We invite you to indulge the senses at our new web boutique. To commemorate the launch, 20% off
everything is our treat.

Bedazzling Previews. The web boutique heralds exciting revelations as new products and stories
wait breathlessly in the wings. Anticipate the inauguration of alluring scents that dress the skin.
Reformulated make-up collection classics are imbued with the latest ingredients and technologies.
The introduction of a Time Defying Foundation and Dramatic Lash Mascara offers new inspiration
for exciting beauty looks. Moreover, we continue to look at ways to treat you, not just how to make
the pennies go further, but through the unveiling of compelling concepts such as the professional
make-up artist programme.

Take a peek at colors and quality of this line are simply exquisite!


  1. Girl, you making me wanna spend money...badly!

    1. Hi Jezz,

      You are hilarious ; ) This line definitely provides an easy way to spend gratuitously! I have to pace myself!

      Take care,

      --The Beauty Professor

  2. Oh no.... here comes the credit card! So exciting!! What would you recommend for a first time purchase??

    1. Hello Branzenbeautyblog,

      Thanks for the question...I'd start with some basics and go from there. The bronzing powder in Netherway Cove is a daily use product for me...highly recommended! Also, the Feline Gaze eyeliner in Salome is one of the deepest black pencils ever and the lasting power is superb!

      Do keep me posted on what you select and have a wonderful weekend,

      --The Beauty Professor