Monday, August 6, 2012

MAC Pleasureseeker

MAC Pleasure Seeker Lip Color in all its peachy glory.
My quest for peach, pink and nude lipsticks is insatiable and a host of posts on Beauty Professor are devoted to this obsession.  Let's add another to the menagerie! This is a brief pictorial tribute to MAC Pleasureseeker...a true light peach with a touch of shimmer.

Pleasureseeker is a light peach with a shiny, semi sheer finish.

MAC Pleasureseeker alone on the lips.

When compared with Make Up Forever's Rouge Natural in N40 (review forthcoming),  Pleasureseeker is a tad darker with less "white" base, though still creamy in texture!

MUFE N40 and MAC Pleasureseeker in the shade...note the greater depth of tone in is especially pronounced in this image.

Pleasureseeker alone on the lips...this was taken a mere half hour before my car decided to lose all power on the freeway at the top of the 405 and the Sepulveda Pass...good least my lips were prepared for the "adventure."

Bottom Line: I was first attracted to Pleasureseeker because of its peachy hue.  I was compelled to add it to my collection once I read its name...there is a lovely little film made in 1964 called The Pleasure Seekers and I was thrilled to obtain a lip color of its namesake.  I can picture Ann-Margaret wearing it in Spain as I type this!


  1. I love soft peach lipsticks and this one is a gorgeous colour on you :)

  2. Thanks, Sleep and Water! I am really happy with the tone of this lipstick too!

    Take care and have a wonderful week!

    --The Beauty Professor

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    1. Thanks, Allthingsglam! Do you have it?

      Hope your weekend is going well...xo,

      --The Beauty Professor