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FOTD Featuring Prescriptives, Rozgé, Revítalash + Gorgeous Cosmetics

Above: The Prescriptives Custom Blend Foundation process yields once ounce of an expertly matched formula plus a small travel jar that makes toting it in one's makeup bag a breeze.
As a foundation lover who simply does not tire of the pursuit of the best base possible, I unhesitatingly embraced the chance to try the Prescriptives Custom Blend Foundation process.  You may remember Prescriptives prominent position in department store beauty floors across the country in the 80's, 90's and 2000's but, the line's physical departure from the brick and mortar retailers did not signal the end of the line.  In fact, its online presence is significant, with a full offering of the cutting-edge, easy to wear makeup that Prescriptives make its mark in the beauty industry in decades past.  That being said, perhaps the most innovative element of the website is the ability to create, through the usage of a video conference and picture uploads, a foundation from spec! 

Kindly scroll on for details on my experience with this process, a few new discoveries from less mainstream, independent beauty brands and a complete FOTD look with all products discussed as well as the Bottom Line...

Above: My video chat with Bobby. 
My process began with a real time video chat with Bobby, a Prescriptives Beauty Genius.  She had me upload a recent image of myself so that she could familiarize herself with my coloring.  Once received, we discussed my skin type, matches in other formulas and what I was looking for in my custom foundation.  Here is a sample of our exchange...

Welcome to Prescriptives Online. Your personal Beauty Genius will be with you shortly.
Hello. Thank you for your interest in Prescriptives. My name is Bobby. How may I assist you?
Bobby: Hi Rachel. I will be working with you to create your Custom Blend recipe today.
Bobby: Do you have a current photo without makeup on available?
Bobby: To upload your photo, click the "Browse" button to navigate to the location of your chosen digital picture. Highlight the image and click "Open." This will begin the upload process and may take a few moments.
Rachel Anise: Hi Bobby...just got off of the phone with Janna...sorry! I am not seeing the video portion pop up yet, but I tested it yesterday and it appeared to be working. Any thoughts?
Bobby: Yes I will need to send the Video portion once your photo is uploaded.
Bobby: Do you see the continue button to browse for your photo?
Rachel Anise: Yes...the photo is loading...
Bobby: Wonderful. Thank you.

Everything is bespoke...from undertone and level of coverage to oil control and finish!  The entire conversation--Bobby, by the way, was warm and kind and we had a lovely chat--lasted about 20 minutes and, once we finished, she told me that my personal recipe would be inputted into the system and queued for production right away.  She also reminded me that if the shade/formula wasn't to my liking in any way, it could be adjusted and (upon return of the original) an augmented version would be sent, free of charge.  Based on my personal preferences, I chose:
  • Medium coverage (Bobby said the full coverage was extremely opaque)
  • A light-medium shade with neutral to yellow undertones 
  • Oil control
  • Candlelight (golden warm) finish
  • Lifting ingredients to firm skin and minimize fine lines

Above: Medium coverage, oil control and slightly foundation recipe.
Within two weeks, my Prescriptives custom foundation arrived and, much to my delight, a travel sized bottle was included with the standard one ounce formula.  Even though I rarely reapply foundation over the course of a day, I prefer carrying a small jar in my makeup bag, just in case! 

Above: One ounce of bespoke foundation + a travel jar for good measure.
The foundation was exactly as Bobby and I discussed it to be; though in swatches, the coverage could have looked  "light to medium," it was a true medium once applied on my face.  As soon as the remnants of my post-summer tan faded, the foundation was a lovely match for my NC 25 skin.  It is unscented, contains no sunscreen (which guards against flashback in photos!) and is friendly to my sensitive skin.  I found the finish to be satin in nature and I get between 7 and 8 hours of very comfortable wear before feeling the need to touch up with powder, hence demonstrating the power of the oil control ingredient. 

Above: Swatches of my custom blend in direct sunlight.
All in all, I am impressed with my Prescriptives Custom Blend foundation and look forward to including it in my rotation this winter.  If you feel like you've tried every foundation option on the market but have had issues with finding just the right shade, texture and finish, this is an excellent resource!

Above: The Rozge lip glosses in Oslo, a pale baby pink and Prague, a shimmery cool rose. 
Additionally, I've been in the midst of experimenting with lip glosses by Rozgé and have included them in my final look below.  The non-sticky formula is infused with a host of natural ingredients to nourish lips while adding luscious color and shine.  I love mixing Oslo (a pale baby pink) with the deeper rose Prague for a sublime light cool pink with luminescent shimmer.  Everytime I wear this creamy, pigmented gloss, my lips feel like they've just undergone a hydrating, conditioning treatment...magnifique.

Here are the full details on the formula

Made from a combination of natural, healing, organic and wild-crafted ingredients, our lip gloss provides hydration, color and shine. Each color option is made to be opaque while going on smoothly and giving shine. There are over 22 different shades to choose from - colors to match all personalities. Each lip gloss comes with a light up wand and side mirror, providing the perfect package for easy application.
This non-toxic formula contains shea butter, jojoba oil, safflower oil, aloe vera, and sunflower oil to soften and smooth you lips. Dragon’s Blood, a remedy dating back to ancient Roman times, works to heal dry, cracked lips, while making them softer, and smoother. Added benefits include increased cell rejuvenation, vitamin delivery to the lips, and a reinforced moisture barrier, helping lips lock in moisture to fight damage from harmful UV rays.

Key Ingredients

Dragon Tree - Dragon's Blood - Valvari

Dragon’s Blood (Croton Lechleri)

A dark red sap, wild-crafted from the bark of the Dragon Tree, Dragon’s Blood works to protect and heal the skin.
Aloe Vera - Valvari

Aloe Vera (A. Barbadensis)

Pressed from the leaves of an Aloe succulent, Aloe vera moisturizes and softens the skin.

Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia Chinenis)

A natural wax ester extracted from the jojoba bean, this component works to relieve dryness and condition lips.

Safflower Oil (Crthamus Tinctorius)

This natural oil cultivated from the Safflower plant is rich in Linoleic acid, an important carrier of Vitamins A, D, K, and rich in Vitamin E.

Shea Butter (Butyrosperum Parkii)

As natural Vitamin A component, Shea butter heals skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines.

Sunflower Oil (Helianthus Annuus)

As a main component of sunflower oil, oleic acid regenerates skin cells and while acting as a moisture barrier.

Above: The Rozgé glosses also have the ability to light up...clever, no?
Above: Swatches of Oslo and Prague in direct sunlight.
Above: Oslo + Prague on the lips.
Above: The Revítalash Hi-Def Tinted Brow Gel tames and conditions brows.
I embraced the skillful powers of the Revítalash Hi-Def Tinted Brow Gel to groom my brows in seconds.  This water-resistant formula is the quintessential taupe brown (no red undertones) to match a spectrum of brow shades and a just a few upward strokes instantly add shape and depth.  

Above: A swatch of the Revítalash Hi-Def Lash Gel in direct sunlight...note the neutral, universal taupe shade. 

Above: Full enough for added flair but restrained enough to look natural, the Mini Lashes are perfect.
The final touches for this particular look came in the form of the Gorgeous Cosmetics Madam Lash Mini Lashes.  I typically prefer individual lashes when I am looking to infuse a bit of drama into my fringe, but these full strips are remarkably natural looking! I was able to apply them swiftly with a touch of the Duo adhesive and was stunned by how seamlessly they blended with my subltle and clean look. They add just enough fullness and length for fluttery lashes that don't require mascara.

The images below reflect the my Prescriptives Custom Blend Foundation and the full look (in various lighting situations) collectively created by the products discussed above...

Above: Indoor lighting (by a window) without a flash...these images were taken 6 hours after foundation application. 
Above: Outdoor direct sunlight.
Above: Direct sunlight with a flash.
Above: Outdoor sunlight...just a touch glowy (mind you, it was extremely hot the afternoon that I took this and I didn't use powder to give you the most authentic rendition of performance). 
Above: Mixed outdoor lighting.
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Bottom Line: I wholly recommend the Prescriptives Custom Blend option for foundation aficionados  in search of the most customizable option available.  The process was refreshingly easy and the turn around time was brief, even for a foundation fiend like myself! Additionally, the Rozgé lip gloss, Revítalash Brow Gel and Gorgeous Cosmetics Lashes are beautiful finishing touches for a clean, refined and natural look.

I hope you enjoyed this FOTD, highlighting one amazing foundation matching system and some fantastic, less mainstream, independent beauty brands!

Good things ahead, including a By Terry-centric post (with swatches galore!), a fresh video and a Black Friday survival guide ; )


--The Beauty Professor

** Some PR samples provided for review (the rest purchased by me),  however, as always, all of my opinions are expressly and unequivocally my own.  

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Thirteen Products I'm Currently Testing + Loving

Above: Shooting products in my backyard...always an adventure and a race against the setting of the sun.
With Thanksgiving less than a week away, I am looking forward to some days off to catch up on some rest, some blogging and some lovely family time!  In the rush of this month, however, I've had the chance to integrate a swath of new skincare and beauty products into my current routine and, while it's too soon to weigh in decisively, I wanted to share the details of my positive experiences thus far.
Kindly scroll on for more details and the Bottom Line...

Above: The latest releases from NUDE Skincare.
(1) NUDE Perfect Cleanse Omega Cleansing Jelly: I have sung the praises of the NUDE Skincare line (HERE and HERE) and am equally pleased with its latest releases.  The cleansing jelly is silky and plush; when applied dry skin and rinsed with water, it removes every last trace of dirt and makeup.  The NUDE Skincare ingredients are impeccable and this Omega 6 and 9 infused formula leaves my skin feeling balanced and nourished! 

Above: NUDE Perfect Cleanse has a silky, jelly-like consistency.
(2) NUDE Detox: This Vitamin C-infused powder is a delightful way to exfoliate, even for sensitive skin.  When mixed with a touch of water, the formula becomes frothy and effervescent and buffing it into one's visage is a sensory delight.  Once rinsed off, my skin is smoother, softer and brighter; I've been using this three times a week for visible results. 
Above: NUDE Detox...powder + a bit of water = gentle exfoliation.
(3) SK-II Cellumination Aurabright: I have already detailed my initial thoughts on this radiance serum HERE but couldn't create this post without mentioning it again.  I'm nearly two weeks into trial and my face hasn't exhibited a single negative reaction...just soft, glowing skin.  Love this!

sk-ii cellumination aurabright
Above: SK-II Cellumination Aurabright...luminous packaging, radiant skin.
(4) Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream Treat + Transform Moisturizer:  I ordered this back in August but it took me a few months to actually begin trying it.  Although I don't use it everyday, the cooler weather has been a perfect time to integrate it into my routine.  The cream is simply lovely...nourishing and instantly absorbed with a subtle rose scent, this imparts a unique glow that doesn't rely on shimmer.  I have tried it as a makeup base and also have mixed it with Le Metier de Beaute Peau Vierge for extra hydration and love it in both roles.  Can't wait to continue experimenting with this oft-buzzed about formula...

charlotte tilbury magic cream
Above: Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream...subtle and luxurious.
charlotte tilbury magic cream
Above: A heavy swatch of the Magic Cream...slightly white and just a touch glowy.
(5) PMD Personal Microderm: This little device does it all...the spinning disc is effective for smoothing fine lines, exfoliating dead skin, unclogging pores and brightening the visage.  I love that this model comes with a variety of disc options for targeted concerns and am looking forward to using this more frequently in the coming week since I'll have more time to pamper myself!

pmd personal microderm

(6) Oribe Gold Lust Shampoo and Conditioner:  This haircare pair (also discussed HERE) has been a staple for me this month...the shampoo cleans my long locks without drying them out and the ultra rich conditioner is to die for.  All in all, my hair is left smooth, soft, healthy and bouncy...what else could a girl hope for?

oribe gold lust conditioner
Above: Oribe Gold Lust Shampoo and Conditioner...entirely worth the splurge.
Above: My hair after a dose of Oribe.
(7) Sensai Cellular Performance Cream Foundation in Natural Beige #22:  My Harrod's order arrived and I am as smitten with this version of the Sensai Cellular Performance Cream Foundation as I was with the original (initially swatched HERE).  Natural Beige #22 is still a perfect match for my NC 25 skin and the creamy, emollient formula creates a medium to full coverage look that looks refined and radiant.  Full closeup (with swatches!) forthcoming.

sensai cellular performance cream foundation
Above: Old and New...Sensai Cellular Performance Cream glad it's still available.
(8) Chantecaille Le Camouflage Stylo No. 3: This brand new click pen features a powerful formula to combat signs of fatigue above and below the surface.  The concealer blends away darkness and imperfections (without creasing!) while simultaneously reducing puffiness and clinical trials showed that the regular usage (over 28 days) actually lessened the look of eye bags.  My sleep deprived eyes will continue to use this and weigh back in soon...#3 is a perfect match to seamlessly blend with my NC 25 skin.

chantecaille le camouflage stylo 3 swatch
Above: Chantecaille Le Camouflage Stylo in #3 for efficacy above and below the surface.
chantecaille le camouflage stylo 3 swatch
Above: #3 is a perfect match for NC 25 skin.
(9) Burberry Sheer Luminous Compact Foundation in Trench No. 6: I don't know why it took me so long to try this powder but I am certainly glad to have it in my arsenal now.  The texture is light and silky while still yielding magnificent creamy coverage.  Trench #6 is a great match for my NC 25 skin and I love using this to set my makeup and touch up when necessary.  It melds with the skin instantly, gives a poreless effect and keeps oil at bay for hours.  I haven't yet worn this on its own as a powder foundation but plan on trying that soon and will report back on my experience.  Adore this..more on Burberry soon!

Burberry sheer luminous compact foundation trench 6 swatch
Above: The iconic plaid pattern is just the beginning of the beauty.
Burberry sheer luminous compact foundation trench 6 swatch
Above: The Burberry Sheer Luminous Compact Foundation has a generous mirror and separate compartment for the sponge applicator.
Burberry sheer luminous compact foundation trench 6 swatch
Above: Swatches of Trench #6 in direct sunlight.
(10) By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Blush in No. 01 Platonic Blonde (available at Barney's NY and Space.NK): One of By Terry's most recent debuts, this ethereal wonder has magnificent pigmentation and an opulent satin finish that brings skin to life.  Platonic Blonde may be the lightest shade offering, but the peachy pink shade is saturated with color and is sure to compliment a spectrum of skin tones from fair to medium-dark.  I plan on doing a By Terry-centric post (to include this Platonic Blonde) very soon but in the meanwhile, I can confirm that this in an undeniably luxurious addition to my blush cache...highly recommended.

By terry terrybly densiliss blush platonic blonde swatch
Above: The By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Blush features a luxe metal compact and an insanely gorgeous quilted pattern...oh, and the blush is simply brilliant.
By terry terrybly densiliss blush platonic blonde swatch
Above: A swatch of Platonic Blonde in direct sunlight...a divine peachy pink, no?
(11) Bottega Veneta Knot Fragrance: The stunning golden bottle and gilded knotted top are only exclipsed by the delicious woodsy floral juice they contain.  This fresh release came at the perfect time as it resonates so well with cooler weather.  It is clean and warm, with bright citrus and rose bouncing off of the decadent musky vanilla undertones.  This, along with Byredo Black Saffon, will be coming with me on my Thanksgiving travels.

bottega veneta knot
Above: Bottega Veneta Knot...golden sophistication for woodsy floral lovers.
Above: Spicy and warm, NEST Pumpkin Chai is the quintessential Winter fragrance for the home.
(12) NEST Fragrances Pumpkin Chai Candle:  When it cools down, I simply cannot burn candles quickly enough; they add a cozy warmth that makes my house feel homey in 10 seconds flat.  The NEST candle in Pumpkin Chai is winter incarnate...aromas of pumpkin, spice and ginger are jubilantly set free by a single wick...I'll be stocking up! 
guerlain kiss kiss lipstick golden girl swatch
Above: Golden Girl is a soft peachy nude with creamy opacity.
(13) Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lipstick in No. 300 Golden Girl: I've had my eye on this delicate peachy nude since Guerlain released this stunning formula in late August.  Now that it has entered my life, I couldn't be more pleased.  The Kiss Kiss formula is marvelous...creamy, hydrating and buildable to nearly full opacity and Golden Girl is the lightest shade option (excellent for us nude lip lovers).  Future FOTD with this shade soon!

guerlain kiss kiss lipstick golden girl swatch
Above: The Kiss Kiss embossed bullet.
guerlain kiss kiss lipstick golden girl swatch
Above: A swatch of Guerlain Golden Girl in direct sunlight.
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Bottom Line: I hope you enjoyed this overview and welcome your questions! 

Have YOU tried any of the products discussed?  Thoughts?

Good things head including more Burberry + By Terry,  a FOTD,  a fresh video and my Holiday Gift Guide, just in time for Black Friday ; ) 

Hope your weekend is marvelous...xx,

--The Beauty Professor

** Some PR samples provided for review (the rest purchased by me),  however, as always, all of my opinions are expressly and unequivocally my own.  
© 2012-14 Beautyprofessor® All Rights Reserved. Do not copy, reprint or republish content and/or photos without author's written permission.

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Giorgio Armani Friends and Family Event...Live Now!

Above: The Giorgio Armani Friends + Family Event runs now through December 7th.
The Giorgio Armani Friends + Family Event (20% off orders over $75!!) has just begun and, in honor of this marvelous promotion, I've curated a list of my favorite Giorgio Armani products, with links to detailed reviews (most of which possess a full spectrum of swatches).  From base to brows, there are a myriad of reasons why the Armani line ranks amongst my favorites!

Above: Wearing the Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Excess Mascara + Lip Maestro in #500 Blush.
A list of my favorite Armani products:
In addition to the above staples, I also have my eyes on the:
Above: The Purse Clutch features a compact containing a radiant face powder and three neutral shadows, all nestled in a  gorgeous midnight blue clutch.
Above: I cannot get over the textured beauty of this multi-shade gradient eyeshadow...the perfect marraige of form and function.
Above: I adore the Eyes to Kill and Eyes to Kill Excess formulas and am intrigued by the latest installment's lovely, fanned brush!

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Bottom Line: The Giorgio Armani Friends + Family Event is an excellent opportunity to try new products from the line or stock up on stellar staples.  I hope you found my curated list to helpful and cannot wait to hear what YOU will be procuring from the sale! 

Happy weekend...good things ahead including an overview of new products I'm experimenting with, some fresh Burberry and By Terry and (!) my Holiday Gift Guide (just in time for Black Friday).


--The Beauty Professor

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